Harvest KOBE Urban Agritourism

From the middle of August to the end of September

Farm is closed temporarily. Please wait for when they open again.

Opening period

Opening period(Open from) From August 17th, 2018

Entry fee

General Admission

Adult Child
(Ages 4-12)
¥1,000 ¥700

*For children ages 0-3, the first 2 children are free. The third and any additional children are 700yen each.

Group (more than 30 people)

Adult Child
(Ages 4-12)
¥900 ¥630

Introduction of Farms

*The following table can be read by scrolling through horizontally. If you want to learn more about a farm, please click the name of the farm.
Farm name Address Parking Bathroom

Iwaoka grape farm

Daidoboshi, Iwaoka-cho, Nishi-ku, Kobe
(If you use car navigation, search by the following address.
Okubo 3030-2, Okubo-cho, Akashi)
Available Available

Kande grape farm

Kande-cho higashi 1148-102, Nishi-ku, Kobe Available Available